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Experienced Leadership

There is no substitute for experience.  


In this time of economic uncertainty at home and foreign threats to global stability, Rusty Roberts is the only candidate who can hit the ground running for us in Washington.  As a top aide in the United States Congress to two House Members and one U.S. Senator he knows the process and what it takes to get things done.

As a senior executive for the nation’s most innovative transportation development company, he understands how the private sector can be a catalyst for change through improved mobility and the building of affordable, livable communities. 

He will fight to stop the dangerous Biden-Pelosi agenda that is crippling our economy and threatening our nation’s future.  


Rusty Roberts will be a leadership voice in a new Republican majority that will respect our Constitution, restore traditional American values, secure our border, and protect our national security through a strong military and renewed economic strength. 

An experienced, common-sense conservative is what District 7 needs in Congress right now!

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Putting My Experience to Work


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