Balance the Budget

The last time our Congress passed a budget was after the Republicans took control of Congress in 1994. I was there working alongside our former Congressman John Mica as we developed fiscally responsible budgets that limited spending, reduced the size of government and enabled free markets to grow the economy and increase revenues. With a Republican Congress in 2022, we can do it again. 

Secure the Border – Finish the Wall

Our immigration system should be based on security first. Our President has ignored federal law as he pursues an open border policy that threatens American security and sovereignty. I support President Trump’s wall and as your Congressman, I will sponsor legislation to finish building it.  

Get Tough on Crime

Woke stupidity and misguided liberal bail policies have emboldened criminals and 
terrorized honest hard-working Americans. I will fight to reverse these foolish policies and restore tough penalties for those who break our laws.   

Education Reform

The best solutions to our education system come from parents and teachers.  Parents have the right to know what schools are teaching their kids and deserve a say in their children’s education. I support school choice and support Governor DeSantis’ effort to promote parental rights in education. 

Second Amendment Rights

I am committed to defending our Constitutional rights to defend ourselves 
and our families through the right to keep and bear arms.


Florida’s unique ecological balance is being threatened daily by human activity and 
development pressures caused by our rapidly growing population. Central Florida is home to precious natural springs, rivers, lakes and wetlands. As Congressman Mica’s Chief of Staff, I worked with him on major preservation projects, such as the Rose Bay restoration in Port Orange, and Gemini Springs and Green Springs preservation projects in west Volusia County. As your Congressman, I will support common sense solutions to restore and preserve these vital resources for future generations.  

Veterans' Health Care

As Congressman Mica’s Chief of Staff, I worked with him in his successful fight to convert the former Orlando Naval Training Center hospital to a Veterans Administration Medical Center and to authorize construction of the new Veterans Hospital in Lake Nona. Together we helped bring the Emory Bennett State Veterans Nursing Home to Daytona Beach. As your Congressman, I will continue working on behalf of our Veterans to ensure the best medical care we can provide. 


Under President Trump America was energy independent. Under President Biden we are 
purchasing oil from our enemies.  Instead of reversing the ban on drilling in Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico 
and other federal lands, Biden is giving American tax dollars for oil to countries who would do us harm.  
All of this while bowing to the radical left who don’t understand that replacing oil production in the U.S with increased oil importation from foreign countries does not equate to a greener planet.  Rather, it means enriching other economies while hurting American consumers and workers.  I will fight to re-authorize construction of the Keystone pipeline and reverse the crippling restrictions on American oil and gas production that Biden instituted when he took office.  


As an appointee of Governor Ron Desantis to the Florida Transportation Commission, I have played an important oversight role in how our Federal and State transportation dollars are allocated, working to ensure that safety, mobility, and economic prosperity remain our highest priority in Florida’s transportation systems.   A healthy economy depends on good transportation systems.  To get a good job you need an affordable way to get to that job.  As transportation leaders, it is our job to mitigate congestion through better technology and multi-modal solutions that goes beyond just roads. 

In Congress, I will bring that same commitment and vision to our national infrastructure programs. I will continue the successful work of our former Congressman John Mica in improving and building a 
transportation infrastructure that meets the need of our fast-growing region and state. Serving as Congressman Mica’s Chief of Staff for two decades, I worked with him to fund and authorize major Central Florida projects such as the I-4 Ultimate expansion, the completion of the missing link of State Road 417/Eastern Beltway from the Orange County line to I-4 in Sanford, safety shoulders and widening of the SR 44 in Volusia County, replacing and widening the I-4 Bridge over the St. Johns River, widening of I-95 in Volusia County, Sanford Airport runway expansion, Sunrail startup, and more.


As a Vice President of Brightline Trains, the private sector high-speed rail project from Orlando to Miami, I was a key initial player in bringing this innovative, world-class project from concept to reality.  Beginning service in 2023, this intercity passenger rail will bring much needed economic benefits to our region and a much-needed mobility choice for business and leisure travelers. Private projects like Brightline do not rely on tax dollars and are operated more efficiently than publicly operated systems.  In Congress, I will pursue policies that encourage private sector investment in transportation.